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XTT LIFE provides "green" and innovated products and services!

XTT Life’s Mission is to earn the trust of our customers. We will do this by providing, delivering and distributing safe, reliable, cost efficient and environmentally friendly "green" products.

We provide Tire Reparative products that reduce flat tires by permanently repairing punctures in the tread for the life of the tire; maintains tire air pressure, which in turn helps prevent blowouts; and it maintains a controlled temperature, which helps extend the life of the tire. Our product, ProTxT Tire Reparative, is designed for companies that have fleets. We target medium to large size enterprises that experience frequent - issues with their tires that cause greater issues like increased maintenance budget and non-productivity.

ProTxT is a product that you will find to be truly beneficial, practical and economical. Our Tire Reparative is a product that is second to none! The success is found in the ceramic fibers that have barbs like a fishhook which attach to the rubber around a puncture, permanently closing the hole. The benefits and capabilities include: prevents flat tires, provides a smoother ride, maintains air pressure, prevents rim corrosion, increases retreadability, and protects ballast filled tires.

Our products are NOT to be confused with fix-a-flat or tire sealants. Our Tire Reparative is a preventative measure to flat tires!

XTT Fuel Enhancer

XTT Fuel Enhancer is time tested for over than 2 decades of savings in millions companies millions in overhead costing. The Enhancer cuts fuel cost, reduces maintenance costs, and longer engine life.

Tire Reparative: ProTxT

Using the latest technology available, XTT LIFE discovered the path to success was found in ceramic fibers: due to their unique "fish hook" like ability to mechanically bond to the rubber of a tire at a puncture site. A new standard in preventing flat tires was born! Our product, ProTxT will give you peace of mind of knowing that flats due to punctures and blow-outs will not be part of your work day!

DuraShield HD

DuraShield HD improves driver reaction time by keeping windshields and automotive glass surfaces clearer. It improves visibility during inclement weather, and reduces the likelihood of damage from small road debris. DuraSheild HD also allows insects to be easily washed away, and makes ice and snow much easier to remove. It protects against acid rain, corrosion and mineral buildup. It keeps glass looking newer longer and helps you preserve the integrity of your original windshield.

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