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Pyxels Design Studio is located in Douglas MA. We are a website design, graphic design and marketing company that has successfully helped companies grow and promote their business.

A family-run business since its inception in 2007, we apply sound, proven strategies when creating and marketing websites. We understand the importance of developing websites that draw in casual website visitors, capture those leads and convert them into valuable customers. We do this by emphasizing aesthetics, usability, and proper calls to action as fundamentals. We then support these fundamentals with robust and relevant content in order to augment your client base and promote user engagement and retention. Or in simpler terms, our professional website design in Douglas, MA help your business look good and make money!


Pyxels Design Studio will successfully create and promote your business online. We specialize in creating custom responsive websites using WordPress as the Content management System so that you can make changes to your website.

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Social Media Needs to be Social

We are not trying to be cliché here. One of the many mistakes businesses make in using social media is to constantly be selling and pitching their product or service when they need to be developing relationships. We have noticed our social activity goes up when we share things that entertain our audience or inform them rather than always saying buy, buy, buy.

Graphic Design

Its not only important to carry your corporate identity consistently and creatively throughout all your promotional materials, but the design is equally important. Lets face it, you have to give them a reason to keep your materials and an attractive design by Pyxels Design Studio is the easiest way to do just that.

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